Safety Alert: Is Whole of Iraq a Red Zone

ISIS communication center found in north of Fallujah

Bomb blast near Kirkuk kills one, injures three

New Baghdad explosion: 11 dead, 29 wounded

Are you going to travel to Iraq? Are you sacred about the situation prevailing in Iraq? Have you decided to hire a security service company in Iraq for your safety?

“I have travelled to Iraq.” This is the very sentence which can easily create a scary look on anybody’s face that reads the newspapers or is a mediaholic. Once or twice a week, there is always news flashing on the television or the newspaper telling us about bomb blasting, murder or terrorist attacks happening in Iraq. People often get knee-jerk reactions when they hear country names like Iraq!!


It is the mainstream media, be it the printing media or the television or the internet, they are responsible for depicting such a false image of modern Iraq. While giving news, the media neglects the fact that whole of Iraq is not echoing with bomb blasts or is under terrorist attack. Nearly two-thirds of the country is sound and safe.

The safe regions include the south regions of Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdistan. These areas do have bombings and other violent situations, but they are very little, not even worth mentioning. Name one place in the world that is totally safe. You’ll never find a single name. You can even get robbed while walking down the streets of the New York City. Many incidents have proved that. You can check it on the internet!

The southern part of Iraq includes Najaf, Karbala, Babil, DhiQar, Maysan and Basra. It’s all safe and sound. Security is present everywhere in Iraqi Kurdistan with a number of check posts comprising of heavily armed Kurdish soldiers.

Although Kurdistan is a part of Iraq, but they have completely separate affairs from Iraq. They their own central government which has taken self-governance to the next level, and they have their military and immigration separated also.

The safe Iraq; the green zone: a place full of activities, shopping, people, meetings, kidnappers and bombs. But most of the crime committed is non-violent. The police and soldiers are highly alert and people can move here and there in relative security. Life is quite normal here. Shia pilgrims visit their holy places in complete peace. In fact, a large number of foreign Shias also visit Karbala every time of the year.

Now key rules while travelling in Iraq; don’t try to touch thru red zone areas if you are concerned about your security. The most important thing is to keep you aware of the surroundings as the situation can change very quickly especially in such controversial areas like Iraq. The Kurds are very hospitable, very warm, very honest people. Trust them while they tell you something about the area.

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