Get a Luxurious Desert Safari

Arooha Tours has been offering luxury safari packages for quite a while now. We fully understand how to conduct a premium desert safari in Dubai so that guests can enjoy the Bedouin culture in style. It is a deep and rich culture, which has its roots in the Dubai desert. If you want to have a luxury experience that meets all your needs and wants, you should definitely consider Arooha Tours.

The Luxury Experience

As part of the luxury experience, you will get to stay at a Bedouin-style campsite all night. However, that is towards the end of your desert safari. The tour starts at a time and place of your picking. It ensures that you have the most amount of comfort. Our experienced drivers will then come to pick you up and take you dune bashing. It feels like surfing the sea of sand inside the 4x4 vehicle. The experience can be a lot of fun and is unlike anything else that you have ever tried. It usually lasts for about an hour, but it can last much longer depending on your taste.

Premium Desert Safari in Dubai

For the luxury package, our experienced drivers will pick you up in a Hummer H2. The Hummer is a sturdy and comfortable vehicle that can traverse almost any terrain. The vehicle is air-conditioned and comes with an awesome suspension system. It helps to ensure that you are comfortable at all times during your trip. Once inside the Hummer, the drivers begin the journey to the desert where all the fun takes place. There is much more than dune bashing that you can do in the desert outside Dubai city. For instance, you can go sandboarding, which is snowboarding but on the sand.

What to Expect Out in the Desert

As part of the luxury package, you can engage in quite a lot of activities. For instance, you may decide to ride a dune buggy for a more personalized experience. Besides that, you can opt for a camel ride. The camel riding experience can be quite a lot of fun. You will get to ride a camel over a distance as it takes you to a campsite. A safari through the desert would not be complete without a camel ride. The camel forms an integral part of Bedouin life and is one of the ways to experience this unique desert culture.

Once you get to the campsite, you will get to experience some Bedouin hospitality. It includes being served Arabic coffee accompanied by dates. Besides that, you can engage in a session of shisha smoking, henna painting and much more. Later on, some dancers will entertain you with Tanoura dance and belly dancing. The dance performance takes place as you enjoy a delicious meal inspired by Emirati cuisine. If you are a vegetarian or have any special preferences, please be sure to tell the chef about them. He or she can tweak the meal to meet your unique needs.

Do you want to enjoy a Dubai desert safari in style? Try the premium desert safari in Dubai offered by Arooha Tours. All your needs will be met to ensure you have the most unforgettable desert tour of your life.

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