Deciding Which Industrial Generator You Need

Buying industrial generatorInnovation and technical advancement in the world of generators has made it a lot easier for businesses and commercial segments from the many benefits these big units can deliver for them.

From delivering much needed power in mainstream applications, such as building and construction sites, being the force behind all the power supply needs of the machines, lighting, and appliances, industrial generators can now be used in all kinds of manufacturing and processing facilities.

Further, since the main function of the generator is to convert one form of energy into another, they can also be used with great benefit, for power generation purposes.

This is why generators have not only remained in an integral part of power generation and distribution mechanisms, but may also play a part in the way we handle renewable energy.

Which Unit To Purchase

Buying an industrial generator is far more technical than the same for household and backup purposes.

This is because of the many technical specifications of these units, and the higher and more complex power supply needs of the premises that need that much power.

The most important part is knowing and deciding on which type of unit will best match the demanding power needs of industrial facilities.

This is even more important considering the amount of potential damage the wrong choice can do.

Demand that is more or less than the abilities of the unit, or any unforeseen aspects will lead to the generator malfunctioning, and may even damage the devices and assembly linked to it.


Capacity industrial generatorsThe first aspect concerns the type of fuel the generator consumes. While certain models are quite common, they will not suit all types of industrial facilities, or weather conditions.

Fuel Type

As far as industrial and commercial applications go, gas generators are in high demand, but the main problem with gas is that it is more prone to freezing at low temperatures.

Because of this, generator suppliers in UAE – Jubaili Bros recommend that you side with diesel, since it is more resistant to freezing up.

Talking about fuel, you will also have to check whether the type of fuel your generator runs on is easily available in the location your site is situated at.

Since sites are situated in far away places, some sources may be harder to come by than others.


Industrial generators come in several different capacities, starting usually from 4kW, and going all the way to 55kW. This range pertains mostly to single sites that need a power supply for only themselves.

When it comes to larger or more demanding locations, such as power plants and office complexes, power generation capacity can go all the way to a few megawatts.

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