BCIA- Best Training Foundation For Graduates.

Top Graduate Training Company

British Columbia International Academy (BCIA) offers training to financial and accounting graduates in order to enhance their working skills. This teaching institute in Ajman continues its successful period of teaching, educating more than 500 students.

BCIA has been operational 3 years in the UAE as an educational foundation that provides education funds and gives training to the accounting graduates. Our main aim is to enhance the individual’s capability and productivity to face the business world out there. BCIA encourages residents in the Middle East to acquire quality education and achieve professional stability.

Certified Training Services

BCIA consists of qualified training facilities and coaching techniques for our graduates. We provide all the courses that are highly competent and beneficial for the accounting students. Some important courses are CMA, CPA, CIA, ACCA, and business management diploma courses. Apart from these courses, we offer courses that are related to leadership, marketing, human resources, auditing and assurances. We serve all our facilities to the graduates through which they can easily understand each and everything related to the business economy.


BCIA works on the four main objectives that are individual, functional, societal and organizational. Individual objective is related to the single person that is to enhance the skills of the person so that it can provide their best services to their respective organization and also achieve their goals. Next is organization objective which is for the betterment of the system, in which the individual will give its best and make him/herself as the asset for that organization. Third one is a functional organization that is working on the specific community, that fulfils the organization’s requirements. The last objective is the societal objective that takes the organization to a level where it can face any challenges.

BCIA comprise of highly educated and experienced in the courses offered. Our facilities and courses are available in affordable rates that cater to your educational needs. One of the main quality of our foundation is the scholarship program. These scholarships programs not only serve to those with high standards in their education but also those who have financial troubles.

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