I'd like to say couple of words to you, guys. You are professionals, you need to know it. I mean it. You are the only one who could provide me the right arab to open my stones business - hello, Feisah bin Qassim Al Otani, I'd hope you hear me, old dickens. He took half and quarter of the residue, but we made a good stacks on it - I mean good stacks, alright. Now, I'm one of the few stones providers from Central Africa. We began at CAR when Bush War blushed. It was terrific, I mean that was really mess, right there.
     However, it was long time ago. I just want to say thank you, guys, I'm appreciate your work. Always be my guest. (M., 46)

     Glad to meet you in a line, Michelle. The agency beg your return. You'll be fine. (S.)

     Another company provides such an excellent services as UAE SOLUTIONS GROUP do, is DUBAI SUPERB EMPLOYMENT GROUP. I know that you, guys, know each other. In the first case I received forty good looking paki hunkies on my own to work hard in Abu Dhabi. However they were trying escape from VW microbus during the 30-hours trip from Kuwait through the desert, but another bunch of pakies you guys send me were able to catch them.
     Later, with helps from your consulting agency I could take a part in Al Masraf bank construction. Good work, gentlemen, you have strong relations with Mr. bin Zayed Al Nahyan, indeed. My sincerely recommendations. (Balyasinsky, V., 48)

     Since 2012 I've been trading diamonds in Dubai, there I bought the half of floor in some tower, registered my company and satellites on my partner's name. First half of the year were splendid. I was flying to Moscow and back on a regular basis, ruling my company distantly. Through the first year I did nice.
     Once I was stopped by customs official's to know I was charged in absentia in the bunch of criminal cases I couldn't even heard. As I understand later, that cases were my colleague's handiwork. Pretty likely.
     I called to UAE SOLUTIONS GROUP late fall, 2014. There were able to provide me, say, a special man for deals of, say, higher-order meaning.. Now I'm happy. My advice to all who is contemplating - you can be pretty sure in this consult agency. (not specified)

     Good job, partners! They came yesterday, each of them. Like I told you, I'll put in a word. (Ras Al Khaimah, 29)

     Love your work. Alright?
     Shining friday night:
     Everything is bright.
     Lovely sheikh was right:

     "All I do was fight,
     Beat saudis. Right!
     Slender girls, pale white -
     All their gifts so tight"!  (Natasha, 17)

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