What Do Life Support Companies Do?

Life Support Services In Baghdad

Life Support is a segment that targets the provision of several basic facilities, usually in politically tense environments, far-flung areas, or places where there is little government control or writ.

In essence, life support services entail all the essential aspects that are required for people settled in the area to live normal lives, and to minimize the isolation or impeded access a far-off area or bad public infrastructure can have.

An important circumstance in which life support services become essential is where foreign investors and businessmen or personnel are required to be present in a country or a region where state control lacks effectiveness, such as in Iraq.


For foreigners interested in the region owing to a large deposit of natural resources or attractive government incentives, life support services in Baghdad involve high quality facilities that rise to international standards.

A leading catalyst for foreigners and extraction companies to send personnel to the country is the extensive fuel reserves, which require advanced extraction, exploration, and harnessing infrastructure.

As such, a large portion of a life support company’s clientele is comprised of people and companies part of the building, mining, exploration, and oil and gas sectors.

Full Life Support

In most cases, the quality and extent of life support services can be compared to small hotels, and cover a number of maintenance or sustenance aspects including indoor cleaning, laundry, lawn maintenance, utilities, waste management, and food preparation.


Catering and food service will usually make use of a large team of chefs and food preparation staff, which is going to handle several relevant aspects, from procurement of ingredients and storage, all the way to cooking and serving.

Depending on the clients and their needs, chefs may be able to prepare a variety of different cuisines while taking into account factors such as religious and dietary restrictions or preferences.

Life Support Companies



Electricity supply in far-flung areas is often limited or unreliable, and life support companies ensure round the clock access to power to run the camp or settlement setup.


The electrical supply, food and access to clean drinking water are the three most basic elements to support habitation, and life support companies organize the sufficient supply of potable water.


Sprays and anti-infestation procedures are used to get rid of harmful insects and animals.

Transport And Material Access

The companies also provide access to reliable transport for travel in the region, and the processing and clearance of documents and shipments meant for the encamped team.

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