Types of people counter systems and their benefits

Retail traffic counter systemsRetail traffic counter systems come in different types, depending on the use and purpose of the system. The people counters below are the most common types in their market.

Thermal People counters

These are smaller counters that may not be easily noticed when placed on the ceiling. They are accurate at their readings and make use of thermal imaging technology. Here, instead of counting people individually, it takes the temperature of the individuals into consideration. The heat sensing camera detects the body heat and transmits it into meaningful data. This type of people counter will come in handy in crowded places. It provides uninterrupted retail counting in a difficult environment.

Wi-Fi people counters

These make use of WAP to successfully operate. They are usually placed at the ceiling, close to the operating area. However, their accuracy and range may fluctuate because of the presence or lack of Wi-Fi technology in the area. It can be deployed alongside another people counter system for more effectiveness.

Mono People Counters

Mono counters have single lens as the name implies. Unlike the stereo device with in-depth view, this counter does not exclude smaller objects or children in its records. Also, they may not be as accurate as some other counters because of the absence of triangulation. Accuracy range for mono people counter can vary from 40% to 80%, depending on the size of the target zone. They will be more ideal in an organization or a building with minor movements. Moreover, they are less expensive and can serve basic people counting purposes.

Stereo people counters

Stereo people counters

These have two camera lenses and are shaped like a rectangular pencil. Stereo People counter records both the entry and exit of people in the organization or vicinity. One benefit of using stereo counters is their ability to omit children from the collated data. Some more in-depth stereo counters are not just valuable for counting the entrance and exit of people. The more complex models can record the amount of time each individual spends within the defined zone. This provides more data for the marketing experts to determine the average waiting time of the customers.


The above are the different types of people counter technology. They all have their benefits and shortfall, depending on their utilization. If you are looking for the right system for your needs, it is important to determine exactly what you require in a people counter system. Then select the ideal one that provides exactly what you desire.

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