Sweet Heavenly Macaroons

/macaroons in dubaiHow do we describe Macaroons? They are 100% the most delicious of all desserts ever. 
These amazing sweets are soft and airy, whereas cupcakes are dense and thick. Macaroons are gorgeous looking with an array of style and fashion, cupcakes are homely and cute. Macaroons are simply high maintenance they speak louder than some famous fashion brands and if not that they are now accompanying them on the runway. 
Macaroons can be found not only in bakeries, but boutiques and upscale restaurants and malls, not to mention at extremely high class events. They are always so pleasantly displayed in neat rows like a colourful rainbow or a pyramid. 
These amazing treats are the most perfect pastries to tickle your taste buds. They are also a rare dessert which is 100% gluten free in its natural form. With an easy ingredient mixture of egg, almond flour, sugar and air. Saying this they are not too easy to prepare. The most amazing macaroons take a lot of time and effort to prepare. 
Macaroons give backers the opportunity to add delicious flavours and different combinations that are unusual but unreal. Providing the most heavenly texture when you eat it.  Thinking about where to buy the most sensational macaroons in Dubai? Piece of cake is number one for the most delicious little treats and events catering in the UAE. 

The selection is endless the flavours are just beautiful, these little favourites are French delights which have ventured worldwide. 
Haute Couture has met fashion statement baking and cuisine. This means that the next generation for macaroons would be mass market. I would say this has been met. 

If all food trends amongst the market to where reflect their time of creation. Macaroons are the perfect treat for those that indulge in the sweet light and airy textures that these little treasure carry. 



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