Success in Your Business

Mawarid Finance is a company in Dubai which works on the Islamic Principles for financing solutions. We provide a wide range of finance issue solve. We founded this company with a very different concept of innovation in the world of business. Our business solutions are just according to the Shariah compliance. Due to this new concept in the today’s world of business impressed many other small and big companies, and for sure they contact us for the business solutions. We always try our best to solve business issues according to the Islamic ways.

Our financial services are available anywhere in the UAE. Not only this we have a group of companies besides this Mawarid Finance, which includes:

  • Mawarid Consultancy

  • Mawarid Exchange

  • Mawarid Securities

  • Technical Arts Concept

  • Dar Al Takaful

  • Quick Net

  • Falcon Eye Technology

  • Real Estate

  • Etisalat Misr

  • Plus, International Medical Center

  • Al-Raya for Foodstuff Company

  • Panco

These are the total other companies which we own as well. All these companies come under the Mawarid Finance. Moreover, if you open up an account in our company then for sure you will get many benefits at the different type of accounts. Like if you use our current account then you can have the benefits like the online access, which means that you can access this type of account from your computer or from your credit card as well. Moreover, there is no minimum limit of balance in your account, you can have as much less amount of money in your account as much you want to.

Besides this, there is no penalty or fine for the minimum amount of money, and there are no monthly charges as well, which many other banks deduct from your account in the form of tax. There is no another safe place for your money other than our company because we value your money and we know its importance very well.

You can deposit your money in any currency because there is no limitation of the type of currency in our company. All of your money will remain secured with us for as long as you want to. Including all this, there are no charges for the deposit and transfer of money.

Even we issue the letter of guarantee to you in which all the information about the contracts are stated, and this letter is issued on the behalf of our clients. Furthermore, we also give the labour guarantee for those workers who comes to the UAE, in search of the work, for the development and progression. The security money which is deposited for this purpose will be returned safely to you when the time comes, and the guarantee is issued just in the short time period of 15 minutes. These are all the key features of our company.

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