Redefining Management Responsibility And Role

Construction Contract‚Äč

A child died due to a doctor’s negligence.

A murderer got escape from the trial as he bribed the judge.

A scientist sold his country’s secret information as he wanted to be a billionaire.

Last but not the least, a building crashed and took the life of four people all because of improper contract administration.

Contract, is an agreement between the customer and the contractor, these are the legal papers containing the rights and responsibilities of both the parties.

Contract administration or management is a practice according to which your whole system should work the way you have planned. Managing a contract is not an easy task. When a construction is in process, everything should be going according to the plan. If not, issues will arise. Nobody will take any responsibility. If you’ll ask the members, everyone would answer differently.


Contract administration should ensure that the contract be fulfilled on time, within budget or else… heads may roll….lives lost!!

Many issues arise on a construction site. The main thing is to solve them without panic

The architects and engineers think their profit has been taken by the contractor and the client and they are left behind….empty-handed.

The owner will always blame you for all the mistakes but will take all the credit if the contract has been fulfilled efficiently.

You must stay intact. Tell your people to not be afraid of the construction site. Tell them to become more responsible and get involved as long as the contract is on.

Before starting a plan, get some time to relax!

It’s not a joke. You should relax so that your mind gets fresh. Now your project document needs quality control review. This step is very important for the plans to be issued. Involve the whole team of the contract during the QC Review. Also, ask your owner to come and attend this session.

Team Focused On Its Goal Gets Success

Teamwork creates winners. Remember this thing. Try to bind the whole team into a group. The start of the construction process is the best time for this purpose.

Sucess Goal

Honesty is the best policy. Professionalism depends on honesty. Through honesty, you can meet the expectations, both of the owner and the client. If your team is supportive, directive and helpful, you are very lucky. Remember those who have taken responsibility for a problem and also don’t forget them who have blamed others and never spoken the truth. So, try to maintain your documents although it is quite difficult during construction but if you want to save your project from these black sheep, and if you want success, you have to do this. Review and return the documents on time with mutual understanding of the whole group. 

Last but not the least, listen more and speak less. Give importance to each and every member. Get collaborated by asking them solutions to the issues arising at the field. You’ll create a secure and valued working environment by doing this. Communicate. This is the very principle to success.

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