Legal Sectors a Good Law firm in Dubai Should Cover

Dubai lawyersThe most highly demanded sectors for legal services provided by several good law firms in Dubai like Rashid Al Kaitoob include real estate and property matters, corporate and criminal litigation, arbitration and other out of court settlements, and several fields that require a specialised focus such as maritime and healthcare lawsuits.

A firm without the edge of having its lawyers regularly appear in court will lose out on being ranked at the top. Therefore litigators must have crucial in-court experience which will enable them not only to provide a high-class quality of services, but also shield a client from unnecessary billing issues, and render the added advantage of the firm’s background and knowledge of investigating issues that form the core of most lawsuits and disputes.



Licensing lawyers in DubaiFirstly, a firm should be fully capable of dealing in family matters of legal relevance. It is important that a client bringing a family matter to a firm has the assurance that he or she has full compliance with all requirements of the law as far as you private decisions in concerned. Legalprofessionals should take care of preserving privacy and also handle your matter with special care, especially because to most people, family is everything.

Secondly, in Construction and real estate, a firm must employ highly experienced in-house lawyers, and litigators who have a genuine understanding of the role property rights can play in the expansion of any major company. This is a key sector even for the overall development of the nation and Dubai plays a key role in this. Even as the emirate of Dubai expands rapidly and investment and development follows a fast paced and globalised trend, the legal staffmust be fully equipped to serve diverse needs as they relate to land acquisition in accordance with local laws, and are very close and familiar with the construction sector as well.

The third major area is Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is particularly relevant because its preference continues to grow at phenomenal speed. Because of the number of expatriates and foreigners in Dubai, many people prefer a legal decision-making body that conducts itself in English and also borrows influence from the common law tradition. Since this form of settling disputes is in high demand, a firm that has a credible track record in alternative dispute resolution and international arbitration expertise is the way to go. Among several other areas that resort to this method of settling disputes, few of the major ones include Insurance, Engineering, Investment, International Trade, Joint Ventures, and even disputes of a crucial nature in the context of the UAE economy, which include oil extraction and exploration rights.

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