Leading Auditing Services in Dubai

Dubai audit services

As money drives in, it is also a challenge to secure the public interest of the people of Dubai. An efficient capital market requires unbiased and fair financial information. Hence, it is a challenge to devise the policies that can not only secure the public interest but also sustain the foreign investors’ presence and operations in the jurisdiction.

This situation mandates Dubai audit services – AABDXB to play their part in providing a significant level of assurance to secure the rights of the stakeholders’ and providing the quality auditory services to the companies for the compliance of regulatory environment of Dubai. This not only raises the level of transparency and compliance with standards, but as the investors will be gaining a confidence level, where you can be provided with the debt capital easily.

Assurance Engagements by Dubai audit services

Several financial consulting business are offering the Dubai audit services and not only managing the reporting needs of the companies’, but providing efficient services at very competitive rates, which includes:

Internal Audit Services

Consistent reviews of the financial records, keeping in mind the confidentiality, integrity, objectivity and independence and all other code of ethics under Dubai and International Corporate Governance Codes.  Providing the level of services where they can mitigate the risk of material misstatements’ in the financial statements as least as possible.

Leading Auditing Services

Computerized Accounting Assistance

Dubai Audit Services are very much technology efficient that they are now providing a better tool for exhibiting a reasonable level of assurance through computerized efficient programs that can highlight the misstatements in no time and can save a lot of the audit procedures afterwards.

External Audit Services

Along with international companies, now Dubai Audit services has equipped themselves to a level where they can provide the external audit engagements as well. Where the auditory procedures will be the same as the popular international companies may engage and the chartered accountants can provide you better level of assurance in a cost efficient manner.

Audit for Taxes

This is an assurance engagement where the assessment takes place regarding the accuracy of tax returns filed by a company and Dubai Audit Services are well versed in providing the companies with these solutions complement to the internal audit engagements in some cases.

Dubai audit services are not only providing the services but also equipping themselves with the modern challenges they have to face by continuous learning and improvement by attending the international conferences and workshops being conducted by international regulatory authorities.


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