Fire Blanket Extinguishing And Operation

Fire Blanket Dubai

Fire is a major catastrophe that has the ability to not only destroy items and property worth millions in a short space of time, it also spreads extremely fast in open spaces, and can also severely injure people, often permanently.

As such, it is common for there to be strict rules and fire prevention and reaction mechanisms in workplaces, homes and public spaces, especially in industrialized countries.

In workspaces and on the part of employers, it is often mandatory in these jurisdictions for all employees to receive adequate fire training, which involves the knowledge of combustion, basics about evacuation, and steps to protect people from harm and the use of fire extinguishers.

Today, it is even commonplace for places such as banks and hotels in third world countries to have fire wardens, fire alarms and warning systems, and overhead sprinklers.

Fire extinguishers are the best-known anti-fire equipment. These are tanks that are filled with carbon dioxide gas, which when sprayed on the fire, block the supply of oxygen, thereby preventing further combustion.

Fire Blankets

Another piece of equipment making its way into homes and public spaces is the fire blanket, which is device meant to put out starting flames.

The blanket is made of a fire-alleviating material and is designed for the purpose of being put over the fire to extinguish it.

Smaller fire blankets are usually meant for use in the residential premises, especially the kitchen, and are often made of fiberglass, and provide easy storage options.

DG TradingAdvantages

The foremost merit of the use of a fire blanket dubai - DG Trading, especially in comparison to the fire extinguisher is that for people who have never used one before, or are wholly inexperienced in dealing with a fire, it may be much easier to use.

Secondly, depending on the state, there may be more than one fire extinguisher meant for different types of fire, the absence of knowhow or identification of which can be difficult in situations of panic.

On the other hand, fire blankets meant to be used in an industrial area will need to be larger, and are usually made of wool, which has been fortified with an extinguishing material.

Petrochemical Fires

It is important to note that the safety and use of fire blankets in relation to fires that have been caused by fuel sources, including petrol, oil, and gas remains suspect.

Testing suggests that the use of blankets in these fires can be futile, and the blankets certainly have the ability to catch fire themselves.

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