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UAE Solutions Group - Construction Management in IraqSince the decline of Saddam Hussein’s rule due to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, a large number of infrastructure and advancement plans and the construction management in Iraq have been deteriorated and collapsed. In spite of the fact that the country’s economic budget has reached documented figures, because the oil rates are nearly $100 a barrel, the collapsed plans were not completed.  According to the Minister of Oil, the budget of Iraq has reached $850billion in 2003-15.

Nevertheless, nowadays due to the 50% reduction in oil rates, the completion of these infrastructure plans has become very problematic and difficult, but it is not impossible.

 If we focus on the reasons due to which the development plans were left incomplete, the basic reason of collapse and failure to complete the plans are meditated in the worst quality of the finished projects or the downfall and non-fulfillment of the others. This is because the projects were given to companies based on official contracts, knowing these companies are not up to the standards required and are run by contractors connected to corrupt officials and politicians.”

It appears that the government attempted to solve the problem of centralized management for infrastructure ventures. The government implemented the law no.21 of 2008, according to which the powers were transferred to the provinces in a way that the powers of eight federal ministers will be given to the local representatives in a time period not more than two years. It is a better decision if the government wants to speed up the process of accomplishment of reorganization and renovation ventures and release them from the usual routine and incorporation into the process of forming verdict.

The unstable security condition even in the comparatively quiet zones also obstruct the process of construction. In September, the police reported that a quarter million dollars were robbed at gunpoint from a manger of a construction company; this money was given for the projects of constructionand renovation. The causes behind the collapse of reorganization and renovation projects is making agreement with the unprofessional or unreal companies whose function is not analyzed due to the network of corruption and the truth is that the builders are making the use of the supplies and finances without any supervision while partitioning with the officials.

UAE Solutions Group - Specialist Construction Management in IraqIt appears that the explanation to this incident is to function with overseas financer organizations that are professional and experienced in the area of infrastructure and construction. The accomplishment of the ventures must not further be occupied by the central government but fairly by the provinces which will assist to obtain huge victory grades in finishing the delaying ventures and the achievement of the new projects.

 Nevertheless, the overseas organizations will not function in Iraq without solving and stabilizing the security matters for them to obtain better outcomes. There are various intermingled difficulties that must be solved and this proceeds above the technological structure and extend to the forming of political verdicts.

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