Evolution Of Signage

Signage Dubai

Communication encompasses way more than we usually include within the banner, often confined to the division of verbal and non verbal, with the former referring to what we say, and the latter to what we indicate, or express through facial expression or gestures.

Limiting communication to just these forms means it would take years for a message or a piece of content meant for popular consumption to reach the public at large.

Imagine if you were tasked with making a particular passage mainstream with a certain demographic, or convey it to the general public, as such, as many people as possible, not only would that be time-consuming, it would be exposed to feedback and questions from people you address.

This makes the usual forms of communication we personally carry out great for one to one communication, or to convey something to very small groups, but undesirable and impractical for mass communication and large demographic segments.

Change Driven By Innovation

This need for swift delivery and ease of transmission has been responsible for not only the use of, but the rapid evolution and expansion of the way we use signs and symbols. 

Signage Properties

Signage Dubai is the use of signs and symbols to deliver a message to a public segment, often as part of a popularization initiative, but may also involve the use of public service content, and activist ideas.


Signs make use of visible graphics to deliver information to a target audience. In popular culture and usually, this is seen to mark streets for traffic and public use messages.

They vary in types depending on where they are placed and what the purpose of the placement is, ranging from boards, banners, being embedded on walls, or inscribed on glass doors.

Evolution Of Signage

The advent of technology is of course playing a part in the way the use of signs transforms, increasingly making use of very large TV screens, such as those used in large metropolitan cities in downtown areas, such as the ones in Times Square in New York.

Purpose And Utility

Signs will often carry messages that can serve a variety of needs, and also deliver a meaningful message relatively easily. In relation to a wet floor for example, a sign will easily convey the image of a falling person, preventing people from being reckless on the floor.

A written message will often not be read or overlooked in this case.

Signs can used to convey necessary information, including those on the street, in documentation, or maps.

In the road and places that fall under public infrastructure, they will identify danger, such as the signs prohibiting leaning on the ledge of a bridge, and others.

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