Breaking the language barrier!

Legal translationLegal translation is one very tricky job since it requires the translation of documents in another language. There are many people that may know more than one or even two languages. This is not enough to translate legal documents since legal language is completely different. Each language also has their own terms of phrases and clauses that a native usually knows and a bypassing speaker cannot guess.

In UAE, the increased opportunity of careers and education has allowed many people from around the globe to reside there. People from all over the world stay in UAE and hence face troubles transferring their documents from their host language to Arabic. It is highly preferred that companies like London Legal translation are used so that quality and accuracy is guaranteed.

Challenges faced by translators!

The legal language of every different country may vary with the language this is one of the reasons why legal translators are important. They have knowledge over legal matters and legal language. This allows them to translate even the most complex documents with ease. However, this tricky task is not completely easy for professionals as well. They can have many problems. The few main challenges that translators face are listed below.

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  • The structure of language is different in each case which allows complexities to arise. For example, an English sentence consists of a subject, verb, and object. The order is different in Persian and can be even more different and complex in other languages. This is why translators need to be professionals and not just bilinguals.
  • Culture makes an important part in shaping a language. Many of the spoken words or phrases are situational and come from the culture. Knowing a language helps, however, you need to know about the contextual meanings as well.
  • Compound words are words that are more than one word merged together, separated by a hyphen or separated by space. These words are usually understandable to the native speakers of a language. For example, in English, the word butterfly does not mean butter or fly or flying butter. Some compound words in English mean exactly what they say. For example, the word afternoon literally means afternoon.
  • Perhaps the biggest problem faced is the words that sound alike which are called homophones. For example to, too and two. There are heteronyms.  These are words that are spelled the same yet sound differently and used accordingly. For example minute of time and minute, small and fragile. Similarly, there are many idioms and proverbs that tend to create these problems. Translators need to be well equipped with vocabulary and grammar to overcome these problems.

Having the correct knowledge of each language you are working with is important for a translator. Otherwise one word can alter the meaning and in legal matters, this can create havoc. Professional translators are registered to work through these matters and provide authenticated and accurate translations that are problem free!

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