5 Components of Successful Business

There are different business conceptions and different ways to define its components. In this article we'll stop at 5 components, such as ideas, responsibility, competition, profit, luck and persistence. So let's understand more.


We will put this component on the first place for several reasons. First of all, in the 21st century when seems that everything is already invented, to find "a million dollar" idea is really a big deal. Secondly, we can't deny that the modern business is often based on the banal repurchase. Large wholesaler buys goods from the manufacturer, small wholesalers from large ones, stores from small wholesalers, small shops from large stores.

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And such a chain can be very long. And the price of goods at each stage is growing, but the quality remains the same. Agree, it isn't a way to success. Therefore, we need new creative ideas that benefit manufacturers (businessmen) and consumers. 


This is the next small screw in mechanism called "business". It is important to understand that the responsibility always lies on the head and not on the subordinate. Nobody but the head make all the important and fateful decisions in the life of the company. Opening your own business, you should remember that you'll have to solve problems and find ways out of unpleasant situations, whether you want it or not. If your company have problems with legal translation in Dubai, London Legal Translation would be glad to help you.


It should be understood that there are practically no non-competitive industries today. And your firm have to (unless, of course, you want more income) pay attention to market research, competitor analysis. Even if you generate brilliant idea that has no analogues, get ready that most likely in a few years you will feel the pressure from the companies that came in your industry. 


Profit motivates people to create businesses. Making a profit is largely determined by the company's price policy. And this policy should be competent and justified. You should also take into account that in certain sectors actually profit can be made only if the company operates a huge amount of products. 

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Luck and persistence 

Persistence in business is often a main factor in the success of the company. Under the persistence meant laborious task-oriented work, which does not necessarily imply immediate results. A constant work, which is based on strategic mistakes with perseverance, has nothing in common. 

The business also cannot be without luck factor. Often changes occur (in economics, politics) that can as raise you to a huge height, as put down to the bottom. But if you have enough experience and knowledge such unforeseen factors can be minimized.

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