About us

     UAE SOLUTIONS GROUP exists since 1990 within the territory of United Arab Emirates. The company was founded by the team of professionals with an extensive experience. Today we gain a foothold among the business consulting services. Our specialists personally inspects every facility to advertise it afterwards.
     Our company has a wide range of various services not only  buy-sale kind of deals. We'll help you to develop your business in a case of some difficulties occurs with it.
     We offer the following list of services:

  • a searching of new solutions on the web;
  • website management;
  • to sell a business;
  • to buy a business;
  • to arrange a business under the jurisdiction of offshore financial centres;
  • business developing;
  • all kinds of advertising;
  • outsourcing.

We also offer qualitative and quantitative research tool through one of the leading marketing research companies in Dubai like Panaly Consulting by assisting businesses to gather strategic data according to your needs.

About UAE Solutions Group

     You have no business but you'd like to try it? Call UAE SOLUTIONS GROUP.
     You have an idea but lack of opportunity and experience? We make an appropriate business plan with detail exposition in it, then make a financial model. Together, we'll built your own business step by step. We'll provide you as much as it needs to make the word Opportunity great again with UAE SOLUTIONS GROUP.
     We always glad to see you in UAE SOLUTIONS GROUP.


Seven Yachts:

We Collaborated with Seven Yachts to provide Yacht rental solutions and water sports. If you are looking for a weekend activity with fun you can call us now.



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